Store 99-: Everything At Rupees 99

Shop everything at 99 Rupees. YES!!!! You read it right, now you can shop some really good products at a pocket-friendly price from a range of Clothes, Lingerie, and Jewelry for women and accessories like belt and wallet for men, everything starting from rupees 99.
We have seen many websites working on the same parameters, but how come 99Rupaye Store differs from other similar Online Stores? Well!!! I have purchased many products from similar websites but never got that product satisfaction and the quality which I’ve received haven’t been up to the mark most of the times. Maybe because of the low prices, the brand fails to deliver their promises. Talking about the quality and promises, I have tried my hands on some eye-catching accessories from the website 99rupaye. Sharing with you, the close-up pictures of the products with price details of each to justify my views on what have I actually grabbed at a pocket-friendly price.
Swaroop earrings Only for Rupees -: 99/-
Colorful golden Namish earring INR-:99/-
 Colorful Double Moti Jhumki INR -:199/-
Golden Mor Jhumar Designer Earring
“Wear them with ethnics or with your daily casuals, these trendy earrings starting from rupees 99 is all you need to grab to be a style statement. It’s not easy to find such trendy pieces at such a low amount.”
Talking about the necklace range they have, starting from Rupees 199 there are some unbelievable statement pieces which I would surely like to add in my list. You can check out the beautiful range at a very low price below-:
Silver Designer Flower Ring

 Designer Multi-Color Traditional Ring


Designer Multi-Color Traditional Ring

Any attire or look is incomplete without a statement ring and getting it at a low amount with good quality is a win-win situation. They have some great collection of rings, all at rupees 99. Below are two of my favorites. Golden for ethnic look and Silver for all.
Summers are on the top and cotton dupattas are the only savior after a good sunscreen of course. These dupattas can be styled with some plain kurtas or could be used as a face protector or scarf to survive the harsh sunlight in summer. There are many different ways to style them.

 MultiBorder Printed Cotton Dupatta-: 99 INR 

Rama Star Nazneen Dupatta -: 99 INR

Simple & Stylish Yellow Nazneen Dupatta -: 119 INR 

Also, don’t forget to check out their unbelievable Traditional Designer blouse range, starting from rupees 99 ( )

And keep an eye on my INSTAGRAM page to check some of these products styled by me.



It’s been quite a long time but I’m here again and this time I’m here for a product review. YES!!! you’ve read it right, it’s a review post. I’ve been short reviewing many trustworthy beauty essentials on my Instagram but always kept this space for fashion and style related stuff. As it’s quite important to feel beautiful and healthy inside and out. So I thought why not let’s share my experience here too, on the products which I use, it could be little helpful.



I come across to this Ultimate Carbon Kit from CARBON COCO, producing activated charcoal products which are 100% organic designed to naturally whiten and polishes teeth, strengthens enamel and detoxifies your mouth without any chemicals(which it claims). A smile is be worn all the time and we cannot hide it. The first thing to get noticed and a pale smile can put you down in no time. However, It’s a task to keep it bright especially when you’re a huge food lover and a reason why I was so glad to receive this product.



It comes along with activated charcoal powder (Pitch-black powder), Activated Carbon toothpaste, and a toothbrush. A  complete kit to clean it up.

CHARCOAL POWDER                                                                                                                                               An oxidized version of charcoal and can be used to effectively whiten teeth which removes external stains from your teeth without the toxic chemical ingredients used for tooth whitening promotes good oral health, reduce things that cause cavities, gum disease, and bad breath.

Carbon Coco’s  Activated Carbon Toothpaste has a unique Activated Charcoal fluoride-free formula that fights cavities, plaque, gingivitis, bad breath, keeps your mouth refreshed. Also reduces bacteria build-up for 12 hours.

How to use:
Dip a wet toothbrush into the activated charcoal polish, completely odorless and tasteless. Brush in small gentle circles for two minutes. Spit it out and Rinse. Brush with the activated charcoal toothpaste for 3 minutes, Spit and Rinse. A complete 5 minutes process.


100% Organic Coconut Shell Activated Charcoal with a hint of bentonite powder and lemon myrtle(removes various infections and bacteria’s infesting inside the mouth)







YES, IT WORKS!!!! AND IT DOES WHAT IT CLAIMS. I CAN ALREADY SEE THE CHANGES. Amazingly, it keeps your breath fresh all day long, along with teeth brightening. All it takes is your daily 10 minutes. (before the bed and in the morning)



This product has replaced my regular brushing process and now I’m surely gonna stick to it for long (until I don’t find something better than this) and yes!! I positively recommend it to all. A PERFECT SOLUTION FOR TEETH WHITENING and that too 100% NATURALLY.




I’m attaching a link BELOW, TO THIS AMAZING KIT in case you guys need any help to grab this kit.

ultimate carbon kit  ( shipping worldwide)

         Other amazing products from carbon COCO

  • Complete Coco Kit, which includes the activated charcoal polish, 14 oil pulling sachets, a tongue cleaner, a toothbrush, and a satin pouch.
  • 14 Day Organic Oil Pulling treatment in Spearmint
  • Activated Charcoal Toothpaste, fluoride free
  • Besties Pack (Two sets of Complete Coco Kit)
  • Activated Charcoal duo pack, which has two of the activated charcoal polishes and two toothbrushes
  • Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush
  • Specially Designed Tongue Cleaner





After a long, and The First Post Of The Year ( HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL)

As the title says it all. It’s all about this one Shopping Website SHEIN_INDIA. it’s a well-known international site for affordable contemporary women’s fashion, available in INDIA. I’m all set to share my expertise with you all. I’ve been talking about this one website, all over my social accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). You may know only if you follow me on other social accounts too. I think every woman might be aware of this one-shop-stop where you can find a whole range of products from trendy clothes, accessories, shoes to experiment with and almost everything at a decent price. ( If not, then you might be losing the real deal.)

The reason to write and share my opinion about the site is to clear all the doubts and queries, as it has been asked frequently if I do recommend the site? Does the quality match the products shown on the website? is it worth the price? I was amazed how many of you were keen to know about the site but haven’t tried it yet. Every time we shop online we think twice and the product quality remains to be the main concern. Have been eyeing this site for a very long time (why not? they’ve got the most unique and the trendiest collection of all the time) SHEIN.IN gave me all the reason to revisit and shop from their website. They have an appropriate return policy (within 30 days). I received the products within 12 days after placing the order and was extremely satisfied as the products were similar as described and portrayed in the pictures and the quality of the products were Absolutely PERFECT. Overall my experience was 10/10 with Shein_ India, as I couldn’t find the kind of unique and latest fashion trend collection anywhere else with this fine quality and amount.

What else?? There is this SALE SECTION on the website where you can find it all according to your budget (starting from all under 330 INR to under 1300 INR) where you can shop by the price and discount. And you can also grab almost anything from your wishlist at half of the price.

At last, I definitely suggest you all, give it a try without any doubt. <3. And I hope all your queries and doubts might have been cleared.


Curated these four different looks with the two products which I’ve received from Shein_India.


FIRST LOOK IS THE “ALL WHITE PARTY LOOK” worn this extremely fabulous FAUX FUR BLAZER with a white dress and paired it with Raw Trim Block Heels (also from SheIn)



For the second look, tried to keep it casual, worn the faux fur coat with a black denim and black muffler neck top and paired with the black heeled shoes.



Wellll!!! this oversized jacket with the beautiful print on it is one of my favorite things in my wardrobe. There are many different ways to style this oversized jacket. Pair it with your favorite denim and top with any kind of dress or simply drape it as a dress and use a belt around it. This one jacket is purely amazing.



That’s all for this time. STAY TUNED for Another post with some more amazing products from Shein_India.


Black and white, such a Basic yet so Classic. Sometimes it’s good to be minimal and monochromatic. But being a color person I’ve never taken black and white for a casual wear. It only strike-up in my mind, when I need to dress up formally. I don’t remember the last time when I’ve been so casual with a black and white combo.

SO I decided to play casuals with black and white. And also to break this” formal-casual story”  I chose a black pencil skirt which is very common and well-known as women formal wear. The first thing which pop-up in our mind, when we talk about a black formal skirt is a white shirt, a blazer, and black pump. Yes, It’s easy to carry a lot of options with a fitted skirt of different color, texture, and style. But what options we have when it comes to a classic formal black skirt. For this, I’ll make sure to write down a few options at the end of the post.

To keep this monochrome look casual, I’ve paired a black pencil skirt, with a white embroidery and bell sleeves peplum top and as I mentioned a casual look, so paired it with white shoes. Here’s the complete look..




There are so many ways to style a black formal skirt

A basic Tee-

Pairing a plain basic colored or printed T-shirt along with some accessories and a footwear/flats/Bellies matched to the color of your T-shirt. Perfect for brunch or day out.

Enhance The Glam-

Pair it with a golden sequence top and with very few accessories along with high heels again matched with the top for a glam night party look.


Pair it with a black top to make it appear as a fitted black dress along with black heels and some accessories, a ready to go look for a cocktail party or any semi-formal occasion.






Here’s the third and the final look, as I promised in the second last post. Took me less than five minutes to curate this chic look with this elegant RED skirt from SmartyPants which is available at AMAZON.IN

This simple yet classic, Red and Black combo can never get old.

Check out the pictures and you can also leave your views in the comment box at the end of the post.

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